I took this photo, when I was in Antalya, Turkey a year ago.  Myself and four friends were on a short vacation.  We went exploring around a small shopping area not that far from our hotel, when I realised I was lost.  I was walking really fast and had managed to lose my friends somewhere further back.  I have always been told I walk like I’m constantly power-walking on a treadmill.  Even in a hot country while on vacation, I still couldn’t relax and step off this theoretical treadmill.

I stood there contemplating whether I should use my phone to call one of my friends (using crazy expensive call tariffs).  That’s when I saw a monkey wearing harem trousers, sitting on a chair, and watching birds in the trees.  He was taking a break from everything around him.  

So I took a leaf out of his book and bought some ice cream, and sat down beside him.

Photo Taken By M. Manal